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Hunting tech

 One of the best pursuits for nerds like us is to get out on the range and shoot guns. Big guns. It gives us that macho rush that we know we’ll never achieve anywhere else.

 But little did we know that there would be just as many things for nerds on a gun range as for the macho hunter types…

 We went to Western Gables, about a 40 minute drive outside Boston. The owner, Chuckie Thomas, has pretty much every hunting toy you can imagine in the shop next to the range. We had him show us the lot, and we liked what we saw. Here’s a few of the coolest things we took for a spin:

 -Scopes: call us naive, but we just assumed you point the long end of the gun at the target and press the button. Nope! These things are the coolest to a tech geek. You can get crazy magnification that lets you use the biggest guns at insanely long ranges. We also loved playing with the built-in crosshairs, which light up different colors and adjust for background light. Also, we didn’t get a chance to shoot one in action, but Chuckie showed us some crazy-nice night vision units that we’re itching to get our hands on. Next paycheck! If you’re into gun gadgets, we suggest you learn more about choosing a scope and check this out. We found some of the ones we played with in the shop reviewed at http://bestgunscope.com/ar-15-rifle-optics/.

 -Takedown bows: These aren’t super high tech, but they’re a really smart thing we didn’t know existed. If you care to explore there’s a few really interesting construction features on these that go way beyond wood. For instance, a company called Bear do this elaborate vacuum process to their wood handles, which seals all the pores in the wood fibers. Basically, it petrifies the wood in minutes as opposed to hundreds of years. We also like how convenient these things are. They pack up smaller than a yoga mat, so they’re perfect for people who live in cities but travel to hunt/shoot.

 -Rangefinders/apps: these are the geekiest hunting toys, and we downloaded trial versions of a few top ones to play with at the range. So, you can either use a rangefinder as an attached device for your gun, or get an app for the smartphone. We chose the first option, just because they were on hand. They’re super cool, even if you’re not hunting. It’s fun to guess and test your eye. The ballistics apps are something else entirely. You can plug in the range of your target, factor in wind, elevation, and everything else you can imagine. Then it’ll give you readouts in any unit you want that you can use to adjust your scope. For two dweebs who need all the help they can get, these apps are absolute lifesavers. The best part is, nearly all of them are free!

 Basically, we had a blast at the range, and we want to encourage even the nerdiest people to give it a shot (pun intended). There’s lots to play with and explore that makes it far more than pointing and shooting. For the newbies, you'll learn a lot from this article http://www.wikihow.com/Use-a-Rifle-Scope. Check it out!

Mar 23, by Brad | 99 Views | 69 Comments

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Hyperloop Becomes Reality:

 In some very exciting news this week, Elon Musk (of Tesla fame) has just started testing his futuristic Hyperloop system. It’s his pitch for the transport system of the future, and it’s fast becoming a reality. This week, the preliminary testing of the real-life machinery took place in Nevada. So, what’s the Hyperloop?

 Basically, the idea is to take a train platform, and make it super fast and efficient. You know those drop-off tubes at bank drive-throughs? You put your money or papers into a canister, screw it shut, and then drop it in a vacuum tube, where it shoots across to the teller. The Hyperloop is like a cross between that and a maglev train. It’s going to be a canister-shaped train car inside a tube which forms a complete loop. You’ll get in, the tube will seal, and the car’s induction motor will use air to pull the car through the system at speeds that are almost unimaginably fast (LA to Frisco in 30 minutes!).

 Many officials have called this unrealistic, or hard to maintain, but we think it’s pretty brilliant. You’re looking at a sealed system, so there’s much less risk of something going wrong or needing maintenance. Plus, the efficiency of a system like this would massively boost productivity, especially in a city.

Slovakia is currently at the top of the bidding war to make one of these a reality, and it’ll probably be built by 2020. The future’s not far away, folks!

 Mar 23, by Kyle | 99 Views | 69 Comments